Consultation for your dental clinic

Unified Technologies Group Ltd. was established to make the work of dentistry practice a lot smoother, more efficient, and more convenient. With this philosophy in mind, we offer consultations to our clients for their IT requirements.  We especially focus upon the business, ergonomic, and technological flows of the office. Often times, offices are concerned upon integrating a technology into the practice without considering the impact upon the business flow. For example, a commonly overlooked element of transitioning to a paperless office is the issue of a patient not filling out electronic forms due to not being able to type. The business flow to the office will have to be altered in order to accommodate this problem.

Since the founder of Unified Technologies Group Ltd. also currently owns a dental office in Toronto, ON, Canada, we see and understand needs of dental offices from a business and technological standpoint. We work very closely with all of the major dental companies, contractors, and cabinet makers in order to ensure an ideal business, ergonomic, and technological flows.

If you are not pleased with the current setup of your dental practice or thinking of adding something extra to it, just book an appointment with us and speak to one of our experts. We will advise you to the best of our knowledge and for the best of your practice.

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