Cloud Backup

Back it up with UTG and Acronis Cloud backup systems

Acronis  is  the   award-winning leader  in  cloud backup  systems  and  Unified Technologies is pleased to be a verified reseller of Acronis.
A cloud backup is the most important part of your IT services as it takes your worries away by storing your data on a cloud that you can easily recover without losing any part of it. Unified Technologies helps you set up your cloud backup seamlessly like a backend service, so you can stay focused on your practice

  • Specialized Dental Tech integration
  • Cloud imaging
  • Cloud backup software gives you seamless support or files and folderson your office workstations.
  • Remote management and monitoring services
  • Backups done every hour to give you peace of mind that your data iscontinually protected
  • Daily reports sent to your email to keep you posted on the status ofyour backups.

Backup Testing

Preliminary backup test done every time a backup is completed
Full test can be done upon request

Disaster recovery

Data backup and recovery are paramount to any business and that includes dental office setups. Unified Technologies employs an optimal cloud backup approach giving you a unique balance between quick data recovery time and flexibility that is accompanied by off-site security.
Acronis is unique in that they offer a cloud server that sends a full image of your hard drives to the cloud server. In the case of a disaster, we can boot your cloud server up with your latest backup image and have your office running within 30minutes.

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